Whitnash Sports & Social Club
Angling Section

The Angling Section comprises 27 members including three lady members, and we are the only club in the area to have female members.     The ages vary from 18-70 with the average age being around fifty.

Five of the Club members are on the committee of the junior angling section, which is run by the Warwick District Council. They give their time to help teach the junior anglers to fish, and this is carried out at the Kingfisher pool, Warwick in the evenings.     The section has recently put in a team of six anglers for the JAC (Junior Angling Section), which is fished every year against twenty other clubs in the area.     The proceeds of this match go to the JAC to pay for the equipment and bait for the juniors so they are able to fish free of charge.

Every fortnight the section has a match and fishes against each other for points.     The winners receive engraved cups and shields, which are presented to them at the end of the season.     The Club is not competitive inasmuch as the members like to fish against each other but are not really competitive against other teams.     The Club motto is 'Fishing Fun and Friendship'.

There is an annual match with Willenhall Social Club, fishing in an interclub match and turns are taken to arrange the venue.     This year our Club arranged the match and we were fortunate to win the shield.

We roughly fish around twenty matches in a season, the season running from March to December.     Venues have to be booked and deposits paid 18 months in advance so we have to be careful how many places we book.     The policy at most venues is that you pay for the places booked, so we have to ensure that overbooking does not happen.

The Section over the last few years has risen from 15 to 27, which is about the level we are comfortable with.     If we go over this amount we will struggle to find venues in the area that will accommodate us.     Most of the venues in our area only cater for 26-28 anglers.

The Angling Section has a good link with the local tackle shop, which passes on any potential new members.     If they want to join the fishing club they have to be members or join the Whitnash Sports & Social Club in the first instance.     We have a reputation of being the friendliest club in the district.

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